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Information for Cable Type Current Transformers

Cable Type Current Transformers


KAT and SAA cable type transformers;
are used for metering and protection purposes. Max.operating voltage is 0.72 kV.
They can be used with fully insulated cables on all voltage level.
Secondary terminals One of the secondary terminals should be earthed for safety.

Secondary circuit of a current transformer
must not be operated with an open circuit. It should be connected measuring devices before application of primary connection as seen in figure 1.
The secondary winding of current transformer which will not be used must always be short-circuited and earthed as seen in figure 2.
For the transformer with reconnectable and/or tapped secondaries, unused terminals must be left open as seen in figure 3.

Cable type current transformers (KAT) and split core type current transformers (SAA) have a base plate that allows mounting in any position. Those are maintenance-free products on the operation.
If cable type current transformers will be assembled on to isolated HV cable, shielded cable should be earthed as seen on figure 4 to be able to prevent effects caused by the possible leakage current flow on measuring systems.