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Informations for Bushing Current Transformers


Bushing current transformers are designed and manufactured in accordance with international standards and customer specifications with more than forty years of experience in production.
Generally used in power and distribution transformers in oil, gas insulated systems or air-insulated panels to measure the primary currents between 20 and 30.000 A.
According to the application area, crepe paper, woven polyester and polyester film, or their combination are used for their insulation.
Production feasibilities based on dimension are as follows;

  • Inner diameter ≥ 50 mm
  • Outside diameter ≤ 1800 mm
  • Height ≤ 500 mm
  • Weight ≤ 500 kg

Each Bushing current transformer is 100% routine tested in accordance to the standard which defined on its label and are reported to our clients.
Transformers can be produced as a single unit or as a set by bringing together more than one unit.
The advantages of assembly set;

  1. Easy assembly
  2. All the materials are anti-magnetic
  3. Different identification application for secondary (color codes, plastic labels, etc.)
  4. They can be used for all measuring and protection applications.